Modernizing regulation to support fintech innovation

OSC LaunchPad Rocket OSC LaunchPad engages with fintech businesses, assists them in navigating the requirements and strives to keep regulation in step with digital innovation.

In short, we help fintechs avoid costly regulatory surprises and accelerate time-to-market, alla while fulfilling our mandate to provide protections to investors and promote confidence in our markets.

Securities regulation may apply to you if your business involves:

  • Digital platforms that connect investors with companies seeking to raise capital.
  • Initial token offerings (ITOs), initial coin offerings (ICOs), cryptocurrency exchanges or marketplaces, or cryptocurrency funds and fund management.
  • Investor networks and organizations and the platforms that support them.
  • Lending platforms that allow investors to fund loans (or portions of loans).
  • Technology and/or data-driven investment activities or advice, including online advice.

News and Events

New Frontiers in Regulation and Supervision: Keeping Regulation & Supervision in Step with Innovation
Program Date: July 9-13, 2018
Session #9: July 10, 2018

Join Pat Chaukos, Deputy Director of OSC LaunchPad, and other experts and regulators from across different jurisdictions who will illustrate inventive approaches... More

Investor Office research report
June 28, 2018

According to Taking Caution: Financial Consumers and the Cryptoasset Sector, half of past and present cryptoasset owners either don’t know ...More

CSA Investor Alert: Caution urged for Canadians investing with crypto-asset trading platforms
June 6, 2018

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) is urging Canadians to be cautious when considering buying crypto assets through trading platforms...More


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