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Questions and Complaints

If you have a question, complaint or tip, call us or submit our online form. Our online complaint form outlines what we need from you in order to look into your complaint.

You can also download a PDF form and mail or fax it to us:
Inquiry & Feedback form (PDF)
Complaint form (PDF)
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Local (Toronto)
Toll-free (North America)
416-593-8122 (Questions and Complaints)

Public Records

To request public records or for information relating to public records, contact us at:

Local (Toronto)

Accessibility at the OSC

The OSC has developed policies and practices that specify how we will provide services to people with disabilities. You can review the OSC’s Accessibility Policy and provide us with your feedback on our accessibility policies and practices at Accessibility at the OSC.

As a regulatory agency, the OSC cannot provide financial advice or legal advice, but we can help you get information and resources. The OSC is committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal information.

A commitment to service excellence

The Ontario Securities Commission is committed to accountability and transparency. Please refer to our service standards for more information about our commitment to service, or to contact us about the level of service you have received.

Please contact the OSC at any time if you have questions or need information.