Investor Advisory Panel

Dear Stakeholders:

Welcome to the homepage for the Ontario Securities Commission’s Investor Advisory Panel. Formed in August 2010, the Panel is an initiative by the OSC to enable investor concerns and voices to be represented in its rule and policy making process. Our mandate centres upon our written submissions to the OSC that we will provide regarding various regulatory initiatives including proposed rules and policy statements.

We are committed to functioning independently from the Commission and we continue to discharge our responsibilities with this objective in mind. In addition, we are committed to making our process transparent, which we accomplish by posting the agendas and minutes from each of our meetings and posting information notices from time to time to inform the investor community of the issues that we are considering and to request input from you. 

The Panel recently added new members Jane Ambachtsheer, Harold Geller, Alison Knight and Ursula Menke. Bios of the nine current panel members are posted. We would also like to thank our former members Stan Buell and Nancy Averill for their contribution to the Panel, and a special thank you to outgoing Chair Paul Bates for all of his efforts in guiding the Panel over the past year. 

Investor outreach is a key facet of our mandate. We have convened expert panels and retail investor focus groups, consulting with retail investors, investor advocacy groups, legal experts, and securities regulators to enhance our understanding of investor interests and how these interests can be better served from policy perspective.  

We conducted, jointly with the Investor Education Fund with support from the OSC, a research study of over 2000 investors from across Ontario from October to December 2012. The final report is available on the web-site. 

We greatly appreciate hearing investors’ viewpoints and thank you for your continued participation and support. 

Yours sincerely,
Connie Craddock, Chair, Investor Advisory Panel 

Contacting the Investor Advisory Panel

You may contact the Panel by email at: or by writing to:

Investor Advisory Panel
c/o Lisa Enright, Advisor, Office of the Investor
Ontario Securities Commission
20 Queen Street West, 22nd Floor
Toronto, ON M5H 3S8

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