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Nanna, Joe

Nason, Donald

National Bank Financial Corp. (formerly known as First Marathon Securities Limited)

Neale, Hilry Hilton

Neale, Wilton John

Nelson Financial Group Ltd.

Nelson Investment Group Ltd.

Nelson, Scott

Neo Material Technologies Inc.

Neo-Form Corporation

Neo-Form North America Corporation

Nerdahl, Brian

Nest Acquisitions and Mergers

Networth Financial Group Inc.

Networth Marketing Solutions

New Found Freedom Financial

New Generation Biotech (Balanced) Fund Inc.

New Gold Limited Partnerships

New Hudson Television Corporation

New hudson Television L.L.C.

New Life Capital Advantage Inc.

New Life Capital Corp.

New Life Capital Investments Inc.

New Life Capital Strategies Inc.

New Millennium Venture Fund Inc.

New, Marcus

Newbury, Michael

Newman, John

Niagara Falls Injury Rehab Centre Inc.

Niles, Harry

Noram Capital Management Inc.

Norshield Asset Management (Canada) Ltd.

Nortel Networks Corporation - Certain Director, Officers and Insiders

Nortel Networks Limited - Certain Director, Officers and Insiders

North American Capital Inc.

North American Financial Group Inc.

Northern Securities Inc.

Northey, Margot

Novak, Randall

Noval, Gregory S.

Novielli, Lino (also see Pasqualino Novielli)

Novielli, Pasqualino (a.k.a. Lee Novielli or Lino Novielli)

Nucap Investments Inc.

Nunavut Iron Ore Acquisition Inc.

Nunn, David

Nutrione Corporation

Nuvo Research Inc.

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