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A Co.

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A.C. MacPherson & Co. Inc.

Acclient Capital Management Inc.

Acquiesce Investments

Adams, Herbert

Adastra Minerals

Advanced Growing Systems, Inc.

Adzija, Robert Thomislav

Affinity Financial Group Inc.

Affinity Restricted Securities Inc.

AGF Funds Inc.

Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited

Agora International Enterprises Corp.

Agoracom Investor Relations Corp.

Agrium Acquisition Inc.

Agrium Inc.

Ahluwalia, Balbir

Ahluwalia, Mohinder

AIC Limited

Aidelman, Brian W.

Air Canada

AiT Advanced Information Technologies Corporation

Alberta Energy Corp.

Alboini, Vic

Alexis Capital Advisors Inc.

Allarde, Naida

All-Canadian Management Inc.

Allen, Joseph Edward

Alles, Brad

Alliance Atlantis Communications Inc.

Allie, Saudia

Altamira Management Limited

Al-tar Energy Corp.

Amalgamated Income Limited Partnership

American Heritage Stock Transfer Inc.

American Heritage Stock Transfer, Inc.

Ameritrade Inc.

Ameron Oil and Gas Ltd.

Anderson, Clinton

Anderson, James

Anderson, Brian

Anderson, Ernest

Anderson, Jack

Andrew, John

Andrews, John

Andrus, David G. C.

Andrus, Elizabeth Gail

Anhalt, Emilia Princess von

Anhalt, Jurgen Prinz von

Anonymous #1 & #2

Antes, Harry W.

Anthony, Bruce

Anzelmo, Michael Peter

Apna Care Inc.

Apna Health Corporation

Arconti, Alexander Flavio

Arconti, Luigino

Argus Corporation Limited - Certain Directors, Officers and Insiders

Arlington Securities Inc.

Armadillo Energy Inc.

Arthur, Vincent

Ashanti Corporate Services Inc.

Ashe, Bernard Jude

Asia Pacific Energy, Inc.

Asia Telecom Ltd.

ASL Direct Inc.

Asquith, Bruce

Assante Financial Management Ltd.

Atcan Investments (1998) Inc.

ATI Technologies Inc.

Atkinson, Peter Y.

Atlas Cold Storage Income Trust

Aurora Escrow Services, LLC

Axcess Automation LLC

Axcess Fund Management, LLC

Axcess Fund, L.P.

Axcess Fund, LCC

Ayoub, Camille

Ayres, Larry

Azeff, Paul

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