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We aim to help fintech businesses that have innovative products, services or applications that benefit investors.


We may provide eligible businesses with one or more of the following:

  • Opportunities to discuss your business with the OSC LaunchPad team.
  • Informal guidance on securities regulation and how it applies to you.
  • Time-limited registration or exemptive relief to allow you to test your innovation in a live environment.
  • Flexible approaches to fulfilling regulatory requirements, if appropriate.

OSC LaunchPad will not provide:

  • Financial support
  • Legal, tax, or accounting advice
  • Business strategies
  • Guidance on other regulated industries that may apply to your business model, such as banking or insurance


We are interested in hearing from businesses that meet the following criteria:

You are a fintech business that has not yet started operations or is in the process of applying to the OSC for registration or exemptive relief.
You have a new innovation or significantly different product, service or application from those currently available.
Your innovation will likely provide identifiable benefits to investors.
You understand the necessity of investor protections and will invest time and energy in understanding and addressing them.
You acknowledge the application of securities laws and have considered how it applies to your business.


As a first step, complete and submit the "OSC LaunchPad Request for Support form".

By submitting a request for support, you acknowledge that:

  • Submitting a request or meeting the eligibility criteria does not guarantee that you will receive support.
  • The level and type of support offered is determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • The support that you receive is informal assistance from OSC staff and does not guarantee that your business will be able to comply with securities regulation.
  • It is possible that your request could be best handled by another branch at the OSC; if this is the case, you will be advised by the team.
  • You will be responsive to OSC staff requests and if we do not receive the requested additional materials/filings within 20 working days, we will generally consider the request for support process to be closed.


DOWNLOAD OSC LaunchPad Request for Support (Fillable PDF)

Email your completed request and any supporting documents to osclaunchpad@osc.gov.on.ca


EMAIL: osclaunchpad@osc.gov.on.ca

PHONE: (416) 596-4266 (Local) or 1-844-405-1339 (Canada toll-free)


OSC LaunchPad strives to be nimble in responding to innovative businesses. When engaging with novel businesses, we will take all reasonable steps to meet the timelines outlined below. These timelines assume your responsiveness, and completeness of responses, to the team’s request for information and comment letters. If we are unable to deal with your matter within our target timeline, we commit to keeping you informed of our progress.

Requests for Support (RFS) Form Delivered to OSC LaunchPad

(from date of submitting RFS Form)
Acknowledge receipt within 2 working days We will acknowledge receipt of your delivered RFS form
Eligibility review within 10 working days (target is for 80% of all RFS forms reviewed) If your business is eligible for OSC LaunchPad support, we will reach out to schedule a telephone call or in-person meeting.

If your business is not eligible for OSC LaunchPad support, we will provide feedback. This feedback may include that the RFS is incomplete and should be resubmitted; or that the business model described is not eligible for OSC LaunchPad support.

Direct support within 20 working days (target is for 80% of all meetings scheduled) If your business is eligible for support, a telephone call or in-person meeting will be held.
Next steps within 40 working days Following this meeting, if you are eligible to receive continued support from OSC LaunchPad, we may ask you to provide us with additional materials or a filing within 20 working days.

If we do not receive the requested additional materials/filing, we will generally consider the file to be dormant and will take steps to close it.


Depending on your proposed business, next steps may require that you file (a) a registration application, (b) an exemptive relief application and/or (c) an application for recognition as an Exchange or approval as Alternative Trading System to obtain approval to test your products, services and applications.

A link to the OSC’s typical application service standards and timelines is outlined on our website.

In order to foster innovation, we will work to expedite these filings, provided the application is complete and accurate, meaning:

  • It is of acceptable quality and contains the necessary information.
  • Any form requirements (e.g., offering memorandum form requirements) are met and all applicable fees have been paid.
  • Supporting documentation (e.g., onboarding screenshots) is provided.
  • Investor protection and other policy concerns are addressed.
  • Guidance outlined in other regulatory publications have been incorporated, such as staff notices, news releases, email blasts and investor alerts.

A factor which may affect timing is whether you would like to operate in multiple Canadian jurisdictions. If so, consultation with the CSA Regulatory Sandbox will require additional time.