Investor Office Fact Cards

Fact Cards are a new way to share unbiased information about investing from the Ontario Securities Commission’s Investor Office. These ‘digital index cards’ explain a wide range of investing and financial literacy topics, including understanding mutual funds, working with a financial advisor and recognizing the red flags of investment fraud, with new cards being added all the time.

Fact Cards can be embedded by using publicly available webcode. Add them to your website, article or blog post with the embed code provided for each card. All Fact Cards are built for use on desktop, tablet and mobile devices and are available in English and French.

To add a Fact Card to your website or article, simply press the “Share” symbol at the top of each card. Click the “Embed” button and copy the code displayed into your layout.

The Investor Office’s Fact Cards are subject to the and Website and Social Media Terms of Use.

The catalogue of cards will grow over the coming weeks and months. Stakeholders and partners are welcome to suggest additional topics.

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