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Our team engages with fintechs, provides them with guidance and flexibility in navigating the requirements and works to keep securities regulation in step with digital innovation. We also work to ensure that investor protections are addressed in a way that makes sense for this evolving landscape.

"The OSC is committed to providing a tech- and innovation-friendly environment where we work with entrepreneurs to give them the opportunity to flourish in a regulated industry."
Maureen Jensen
OSC Chair & CEO

Meet the Team

OSC LaunchPad is a small, dedicated team that works with experts in other branches to modernize regulation in support of fintech innovation.

Pat Chaukos, Deputy Director

Pat Chaukos

Pat is committed to aligning regulation with innovation and modernizing our regulatory framework for novel fintech businesses. She has worked with several digital ventures to help them meet their regulatory requirements, including online trading platforms, lending platforms, crowdfunding portals and businesses utilizing emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain.

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Amanda Ramkissoon, Fintech Regulatory Adviser

Amanda joined the OSC, as a member of the Enforcement branch, in 2011. Recently, as legal counsel in the Corporate Finance branch, Amanda has been involved in reviews of reporting issuers that own crypto-assets and that have business models involving distributed ledger technologies. She has also participated in various OSC projects and has been involved in considering novel issues related to initial coin offerings, crypto-asset valuation, custody and disclosure. Amanda has provided support to several businesses, including crypto-asset trading platforms, private crypto-asset investment funds and start-ups seeking to raise capital.

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Jonathan Yeung, Senior Business Adviser

Amanda Barone

Jonathan joined the OSC in 2011 and has been involved with reviews of many businesses seeking registration in Ontario, both traditional and novel. Jonathan has participated in various OSC projects and has streamlined several registration-related processes. As part of the Compliance and Registrant Regulation branch, Jonathan has assisted firms with integrating their innovative business models to meet regulatory requirements, including online lending platforms, crowdfunding platforms and Ontario’s first regulated initial token offering and private crypto-asset investment fund.

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Asad Akhtar, Legal Counsel

Asad Akhtar

Asad initially joined the OSC in 2015 as a member of the Derivatives branch and has also been a member of the Compliance and Registrant Regulation Branch. During his time at the Commission, Asad has been involved with policy and research initiatives relating to distributed ledger technologies in the capital markets. Asad has prior experiences with cryptocurrencies, information technology, telecommunication and supply chain management.

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Amanda Barone, Fintech Coordinator

Amanda Barone

Amanda joined the OSC in 2017 as a member of the core team for OSC LaunchPad. As a certified internal systems auditor, Amanda has a great deal of experience related to compliance and regulatory coordination. As Fintech Coordinator, Amanda assists the OSC LaunchPad team with managing Requests for Support, responding to inquiries from fintech businesses and organizing meetings and public engagements.

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This group of experts advises OSC staff on developments in the fintech space as well as the unique challenges faced by fintech businesses in the securities industry.

Members (February 2019 - February 2020)

Pat Chaukos (Chair) Ontario Securities Commission
Andrew Graham Borrowell
Bram Abramson Decentral Inc.
Brady Fletcher TMX
Brian Mosoff Ether Capital
Bradley Tagieff BDO Canada LLP
George Bordianu Balance
Geoffrey Cher Wildeboer Dellelce LLP
John Willock Tritum Inc.
Karim Gillani Luge Capital
Laurence Rose Omega ATS Inc., 4C Clearing Corp.
Lucille D’Souza Royal Bank of Canada
Omar Soliman Stikeman Elliott LLP
Paritosh Gambhir KPMG LLP
Peter-Paul Van Hoeken FrontFundr
Randee Pavalow Regulatory and Legal Consultant
Tanya Woods Chamber of Digital Commerce Canada
Torstein Braaten Instinet Canada Ltd

OSC contact

Amanda Barone, Fintech Coordinator
Tel: 416-597-7238
E-mail: abarone@osc.gov.on.ca


In order for us to best address your questions, complete and submit the OSC LaunchPad Request for Support form.

Our team is also available by:

Email - osclaunchpad@osc.gov.on.ca
Phone - (416) 596-4266 (Local) or 1-844-405-1339 (Canada toll-free)

For all media inquiries, visit our media room.