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Many investors today want services that are fast, convenient, and mobile – and the fintech industry is keen to provide this. However, some new businesses are unaware that there are securities regulatory requirements that they need to comply with. Additionally, some fintech business models don't fit neatly into our regulatory framework, and some of our requirements may not make sense in the context of these businesses' activities. This can all slow down growth, innovation, and options for investors.

OSC LaunchPad aims to directly tackle these issues. Our team engages with fintechs, provides them with guidance and flexibility in navigating the requirements, and works to keep securities regulation in step with digital innovation. While we remain committed to our objectives of investor protection and fair and efficient markets, OSC LaunchPad keeps our approach to regulation evolving. We will apply what we learn here to other fintech businesses going forward.

"The OSC is committed to providing a tech and innovation-friendly environment where we work with entrepreneurs to give them the opportunity to flourish in a regulated industry."
Maureen Jensen
OSC Chair & CEO

Meet the Team

OSC LaunchPad is a small, dedicated team composed of OSC staff members with expertise from various branches, including Compliance & Registrant Regulation, Corporate Finance, Derivatives, Investment Funds & Structured Products, Market Regulation, and Strategy & Operations.

Pat Chaukos, Chief

Pat Chaukos

As Chief of OSC LaunchPad, Pat is committed to aligning regulation with innovation. Pat has extensive experience with novel fintech businesses. She has worked with several digital ventures to help them meet their regulatory requirements. In her most recent role as Manager of the Dealer Team in Compliance and Registrant Regulation, she led a team that focused on the exempt market and worked with many new business models, including online trading platforms, lending platforms, and crowdfunding portals.

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Amy Tsai, Fintech Regulatory Advisor

Amy Tsai

Amy joined the OSC in 2012 and has witnessed first-hand how fintech has disrupted traditional ways of applying securities regulation. In her most recent role as Legal Counsel with the Dealer Team in Compliance and Registrant Regulation, Amy helped to register several novel businesses, including one of Ontario's first peer-to-peer lending platforms.

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Contact us

You can reach us at: (416) 596-4266 (Local) or 1-844-405-1339 (Canada toll-free)