Securities Law & Instruments


Timothy Moseley, Vice-Chair and Chair of the Panel

File No. 2019-48

January 14, 2020

ORDER (Sections 127 and 127.1 of the Securities Act, RSO 1990, c S.5)

WHEREAS on January 14, 2020, the Ontario Securities Commission held a hearing at 20 Queen Street West, 17th Floor, Toronto, Ontario;

ON HEARING the submissions of the representatives for Staff of the Commission (Staff) and for David Randall Miller (Miller);


1. Staff shall disclose to Miller non-privileged relevant documents and things in the possession or control of Staff (Staff's Disclosure) by no later than January 17, 2020;

2. Staff shall file and serve a witness list, and serve a summary of each witness's anticipated evidence on Miller, and indicate any intention to call an expert witness, by no later than April 27, 2020;

3. a further attendance in this proceeding is scheduled for May 5, 2020 at 10:00 a.m., or on such other date and time as may be agreed to by the parties and set by the Office of the Secretary; and

4. if Miller chooses to bring a motion regarding Staff's Disclosure or seeking disclosure of additional documents:

(a) he shall serve and file that motion by no later than April 24, 2020; and

(b) that motion shall be heard at the attendance on May 5, 2020.

"Timothy Moseley"