Securities Law & Instruments



R.S.O. 1990, c. S.5, AS AMENDED








(Section 127)

WHEREAS on October 22, 2001, the OntarioSecurities Commission (the "Commission") issued aNotice of Hearing (the "Notice of Hearing") pursuantto sections 127 and 127.1 of the Securities Act, R.S.O. 1990,c. S.5, as amended (the "Act") in respect of TeodosioVincent Pangia ("Pangia"), Agostino Capista ("Capista")and Dallas/North Group Inc. ("Dallas North");

AND WHEREAS the Commission made an orderon May 6, 2002 that the hearing of this matter commence on October28, 2002;

AND WHEREAS the respondents have requestedan adjournment of the hearing to dates commencing on February17, 2003 or as soon thereafter as the hearing may be scheduled;

AND WHEREAS Staff of the Commission haveconsented to the adjournment on terms as agreed to by the respondents;

AND WHEREAS as a term of the adjournment,Pangia, Capista and Dallas North have each given an undertakingto the Commission effective October 23, 2002 that they willnot trade in securities as governed by Ontario securities law,and Pangia and Capista have each given an undertaking to theCommission effective October 23, 2002 that they will not actas an officer or director of any reporting issuer in Ontarioand that they will not seek registration in any capacity underOntario securities law pending the final determination of thematter commenced by the Notice of Hearing (including exhaustionof any right to appeal available to the respondents in respectof this proceeding) or other order of the Commission releasingthe respondents from the undertaking;

AND WHEREAS the Commission considersit to be in the public interest to make this order;

IT IS ORDERED THAT a signed copy of thesaid undertakings in the form marked as Schedules "A","B" and "C", respectively, in this proceeding,be provided forthwith to John Stevenson, Secretary to the Commission,such undertakings to be marked as Exhibits "A", "B"and "C" in this proceeding and such undertakings toremain in effect until the final determination of this matter,including any right of appeal, or until further order of theCommission.

IT IS ORDERED THAT the hearing is adjourned,peremptory to the respondents, to commence February 17, 2003and to continue on such further dates as may be required forthe completion of the hearing as may be agreed to by the partiesand fixed by the Secretary to the Commission, or as scheduledby order of the Commission.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED THAT the respondentswill advise Staff, no later than December 20, 2002 as to: (a)their position regarding the admission at the hearing of hearingbriefs delivered to them by Staff; (b) their position regardingthe admission at the hearing of schedules delivered to themby Staff; (c) the witnesses they intend to call and the substanceof the evidence to be given by those witnesses; and (d) thefacts, if any, they are prepared to admit.

October 25, 2002.

"David Brown"