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On March 22, 2007 proposed amendments to the Securities Act were introduced by the Minister of Finance as part of the Government's Spring 2007 Budget Bill. The proposed amendments are included in Schedule 38 to Bill 187, Budget Measures and Interim Appropriation Act, 2007.

The most significant proposed amendments can be found in a re-enacted Part XX of the Act dealing with take-over bids. The Commission is also publishing in this Bulletin proposed Ontario Rule 62-504 "Take-over Bids" that would complement the proposed legislative amendments. The proposed Rule will be published for a 90 day comment period.

Other proposed changes include the following:

    • Amendments to section 57 of the Act to clarify that an issuer cannot proceed with a distribution or an additional distribution of securities pursuant to an amendment to a prospectus unless the Director has issued a receipt for the amendment.

    • Amendments to permit the Commission to prescribe by rule the certificate form in a prospectus and the waiting period between the issuance of a receipt for a preliminary prospectus and the issuance of a receipt for a prospectus.

    • Technical amendments to section 143.10 of the Act regarding certain agreements, memorandums of understanding and arrangements entered into by the Commission that the Commission is not required to publish in its Bulletin.

The proposed amendment to section 143.10 of the Act will come into force on the date of Royal Assent of Bill 187. All of the remaining proposed Act amendments will come into force on a day to be proclaimed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

The relevant portions of Bill 187 are reprinted in Chapter 9 and may also be viewed on the Ontario Legislative Assembly's website at Draft OSC Rule 62-504 may be found in Chapter 6.

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April 6, 2007