The OSC has broad powers to enforce the Securities Act (Ontario) and the Commodity Futures Act. We investigate allegations of misconduct in the capital markets and can initiate proceedings against individuals or companies suspected of violating securities law or acting contrary to the public interest. These enforcement proceedings are heard before the Commission.

The Commission also conducts hearings on regulatory matters, such as takeover bids and reviews of decisions made by OSC staff, self-regulatory organizations, exchanges and clearing agencies.

Commission hearings are generally open to the public. For information on upcoming proceedings, see Before the Commission. For documents relating to open and completed proceedings, see All Commission Proceedings.

OSC tribunal reasons issued since 2004 are also available free of charge on the Canadian Legal Information Institute website (CanLII).

The OSC also has the authority to prosecute alleged breaches of securities law against defendants in the Ontario Court of Justice. In these cases, the OSC is seeking sanctions and penalties from the court to send a strong message of deterrence. Matters under appeal from decisions of the Commission are heard by the Divisional Court and ultimately the Ontario Court of Appeal. For information on upcoming proceedings, see Before the Courts. For news releases related to these proceedings, see All Court Proceedings.