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In accordance with the Protocol for Commission Oversight of Toronto Stock Exchange Rule Proposals between the Ontario Securities Commission (the "OSC") and Toronto Stock Exchange ("TSX"), TSX has adopted and the OSC has approved, various amendments (the "Amendments") to the TSX Company Manual (the "Manual"). The Amendments are housekeeping in nature and therefore, are considered non-public interest amendments.

Reasons for the Amendments

The Amendments have been made to Section 910 and to Appendix H Form 3 -- Change in Officers/Directors/Trustees.

1. The changes in Section 910 are to update the list and contact information of Paid Distribution News Services (providing full text coverage).

2. The changes in Appendix H of the Manual to Form 3 -- Change in Directors and Officers represent a change to add the collection of certain information from new officers, directors and trustees required to permit completion by TSX of a meaningful public media review. The changes are being made in compliance with protection of personal information considerations and do not represent a substantive change to the Manual or the Form.

Text of Amendments

The Amendments are attached as Appendix A.

Effective Date

The Amendments become effective on April 14, 2008.




Toronto Stock Exchange ("TSX") has amended the TSX Company Manual (the "Manual") as follows:

1. Section 910 (A) is amended as follows:

"Canada NewsWire" is deleted and replaced by "CNW Group". The following telephone and fax numbers are added: "(877) 269-7890 FAX (877) 269-5044".

"CCN Matthews" is deleted and replaced by "Marketwire, Incorporated". The following telephone and fax numbers are added: "(403) 266-2443 FAX (403) 266-2051; (604) 683-1066 FAX (604) 683-0885".

"Market Wire Incorporated" and the corresponding telephone and fax numbers are deleted in their entirety.

"Business Wire" is added with the telephone and fax numbers "(416) 593-0208 FAX (416) 593-8434".

2. In Appendix H, the Form 3 is amended to collect the following additional information for New Appointments:

    • Previously used names and/or names commonly known by

    • Date of birth

    • Current and previous addresses for the past 10 years

    • Email Address

    • Telephone number

    • Citizenship Information

In addition, to ensure compliance with the Protection of Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act, the following will be added to Form 3:

"By submitting this Form 3 to TSX, the Company represents and warrants that the Company has obtained all consents required under applicable law in order for TSX to use, collect and disclose information about an identifiable individual contained in this Form 3, and information about such individual collected subsequently by TSX in accordance with Appendix 1 to this Form 3 (Form 3 Personal Information Collection Policy), for the purposes set out in Appendix 1 to this Form 3.



Collection, Use and Disclosure

TSX Inc. and its affiliates, their authorized agents, subsidiaries and divisions, including Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange (collectively referred to as "TSX") collect the information (which may include personal, confidential, non-public, criminal or other information) in Form 3 and in other forms that are submitted by an Issuer and use it for the following purposes:

    • to conduct background checks on the individual to whom such information relates (the "Subject"),

    • to verify the information that has been provided about the Subject,

    • to consider the Subject's suitability to act as an officer, director or insider of an Issuer, as applicable,

    • to detect and prevent fraud, and

    • to determine whether to request a TSX Personal Information Form (Form 4) for the Subject.

As part of this process, TSX also collects additional information about the Subject from public media sources, bankruptcy records and internal TSX databases, to ensure that the purposes set out above can be accomplished.

TSX may from time to time use third parties to process information and/or provide other administrative services. In this regard, we may share the information with our carefully selected service providers.


The personal information that is retained by TSX is kept in a secure environment and is updated from time to time. Only those employees of TSX who require access to the information in order to accomplish the purposes identified above, will be given access to the information. Employees of TSX who have access to the information are made aware of how to keep it confidential.


Information about the Subject maintained by TSX that is identified by the Subject as inaccurate or obsolete will be replaced or removed, as applicable.


If you have any questions or enquiries with respect to the privacy principles outlined above or about our practices, please send a written request to: Chief Privacy Officer, TSX Group, The Exchange Tower, 130 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5X 1J2."