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Pursuant to the Protocol for Commission Oversight of Toronto Stock Exchange Rule Proposals between the Ontario Securities Commission and the Toronto Stock Exchange, dated October 23, 1997, effective May 24, 2005, the TSX Company Manual (the Manual) was updated to reflect various non-public interest amendments. This is update #17 to the Manual.

The updated version of the Manual can be found on the TSX website at:

Below is a summary of the nature of the amendments to the Manual.

TSX Company Manual Part or Section

Nature of Change


Key Contacts, Administration and Personnel

Updated to reflect staff changes.


Table of Contents and Topical Index

Updated to reflect changes to page, section and key word references.


Part III

Minor changes to reflect recent changes to references to Part V.


Part IV

Minor changes to correct legislative citation; addition of pending repeal and replacement of Section 472, and pending repeal of Sections 473-476, regarding corporate governance disclosure.


Part V

Replacement of plastic tab due to typographical error.


Part VI

Minor changes to correct typographical errors.



Minor changes to correct references; addition of listing fee for international structured products.


Appendix E and G

Policies regarding Restricted Shares and Shareholder Rights Plans were inadvertently left in such appendices -- both were repealed and replaced with new provisions in Part VI, which went into effect January 1, 2005.


Appendix F

Addition of provision clarifying that policies regarding takeover bids done through the facilities of TSX were repealed as of January 1, 2005, while policies relating to normal course issuer bids remain in effect.


Appendix H -- Reporting Forms

Minor changes to reflect new email address for filing Forms; deletion of Forms 6 and 7; addition of consent language in Form 3 to reflect the recent revisions to Parts V and VI, effective January 1, 2005; correction of minor typographical errors in Form 11.


Request for Comment

Update of recent Requests for Comment, as published in the OSC Bulletin from time to time.


Staff Notices

Update of recent Staff Notices released by TSX.