TSX Venture Exchange

The TSX Venture Exchange is exempted from recognition as a stock exchange in Ontario. Its joint lead regulators are the British Columbia Securities Commission and the Alberta Securities Commission.

May 11, 2017 Notice of Housekeeping Amendments - Amendments to Parts IV, VI, and IX, Form 12 and Appendix B of the TSX Company Manual
July 27, 2012 Exemption Order - TSX Venture Exchange - Effective upon acquisition of TMX Group by Maple Group Acquisition Corporation
August 26, 2005 TSX Venture Exchange Inc. - Exemption Order
September 3, 2002 TSX Venture Exchange Inc. - Exemption Order
July 26, 2002 TSX Venture Exchange Application for Order Amending and Restating Exemption Order
July 31, 2001 Notice of Commission Approval of the TSE acquisition of the CDNX
June 15, 2001 Notice and submission regarding the TSE acquisition of CDNX
December 5, 2000 Notice of CDNX - Exemption Order
September 1, 2000 CDNX Application for Exemption and Interim Exemption Order