Marketplace Notices

Marketplaces periodically publish notices about certain aspects of their operations. These include the notices of exchanges about proposed changes to their rules and notices about proposed changes to certain aspects of their operations. ATSs also publish notices about their proposed operations, before they start operating, as well as notices about proposed changes to certain aspects of their operations. OSC staff have developed a process for the review of initial filings of entities applying to be recognized as exchanges by the Commission and those applying to be registered as ATSs, as set out in OSC Staff Notice 21-706 - Marketplaces’ Initial Operations and Material System Changes. Once operational, exchanges and ATSs are subject to processes governing the filing, review and approval of proposed changes to rules and/or operations, as applicable, which are set out in the Exchange Protocol and ATS Protocol.

Each marketplace below is linked to an index page with listings of the notices published by that marketplace.

Aequitas NEO Exchange Inc
Alpha Exchange Inc.
Bloomberg Tradebook Canada
CBID / CBID Institutional
Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE)
EquiLend Canada Corp.
Instinet Canada Cross (ICX)
Liquidnet Canada
MATCH Now (operated by TriAct)
Nasdaq CXC Limited
Omega ATS
SIGMA X Canada (Please Note: Sigma X Canada has announced that it will no longer accept orders from subscribers and is ceasing operations effective from the close of business on Friday, April 27th 2012.)
TMX Group and TSX
TMX Select