In general, applicable fees in Ontario are set out in OSC Rule 13-502 Fees (13-502). Additional guidance regarding the application of 13-502 can be found in Companion Policy 13-502CP. Activity fees for filing prospectuses and applications for relief are set out in Appendix C to 13-502.

Prospectus filing fees are due at the time an investment fund files a preliminary or pro forma prospectus. No additional fees are required for filing a final prospectus or prospectus amendment.

Application filing fees vary depending on the type of relief requested and other factors. Only one application fee has to be paid to the OSC for an application on behalf of multiple investment funds in the same fund family.

Annual participation fees are set out in Part 3 and Appendix B of 13-502. Form 13-502F4 must also be filed concurrent with the payment of the participation fee.

Late fees may apply if certain documents that are required to be filed under Ontario securities law are not filed on time, including financial statements, annual information forms or notices of exempt distributions. Additional fees for late document filings are set out in Appendix D of OSC Rule 13-502.

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