If Your Firm is Selected for Review

OSC staff will typically contact the firm before the review. We may focus on a particular topic of interest or area of concern, or we may review all the major functional areas of the firm’s operations. In general, we will:

  • interview the firm’s senior management and other key employees
  • examine the firm’s books and records and financial transactions, and
  • assess the firm’s internal controls, compliance system, disclosure, marketing practices, and policies and procedures.

The types of books and records requested will depend on the firm’s category of firm registration. For more information, see the documents listed below.

Once the review is complete, we will send the firm a deficiency report outlining any areas of non-compliance or deficiencies. The firm is responsible for correcting the deficiencies. If the firm does not adequately address the deficiencies, the OSC may take a number of actions.

For more information: