Foreign Delegations

The OSC may host delegations from government departments or regulatory agencies responsible for the regulation of financial services, markets and/or corporations.

Requesting a visit

The OSC requires your request to be submitted electronically to ContactODIA@osc.gov.on.ca at least four weeks before your proposed visit. Each request should include the completed Request Form outlining the details of the proposed visit. This will help us prepare for your visit by arranging for the appropriate OSC staff to be available to meet with you.

In particular, we request details of the following:

  • Details about your organization, including the name of the organization, country or jurisdiction, contact person and position title, address, telephone number,  and e-mail address
  • Date of proposed visit
  • Names of the people who will be attending
  • Why you would like to visit the OSC and what you intend to get out of the visit
  • Specific issues and questions you want to discuss
  • List of other organizations you will be visiting on this trip to Ontario or Canada
  • Particulars of any other recent visits to the OSC by members of your organization

The OSC will let you know if we are able to meet with you within 10 business days of receiving your completed request.

If your request is approved

We suggest that you visit About the OSC for information about the OSC’s functions and powers, and Publications for links to information about our key initiatives.
Non-English speaking delegations should ensure that they have a proficient interpreter with them.

So that your visit is of mutual benefit, at the time of the meeting, we may ask you about your jurisdiction generally, and how the specific matters you wish to discuss with the OSC are dealt with in your jurisdiction.