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The OSC issues Investor Alerts to warn the public about possible harmful activity in progress. We issue these alerts to the media and post them on our website and Twitter to reach people who may be affected.

If you’ve been approached by anyone listed in an alert or have information relating to an alert, contact us immediately. If you prefer to remain anonymous, complete our online Complaint, Tip & Inquiry form.


You can subscribe to our Investor Alerts news feed by clicking here. You can also receive Investor Alerts by following us on Twitter.

20190917070000September 17, 2019OSC Investor Alert: Blue Sail Trading
20190821060000August 21, 2019OSC Investor Alert: HB Global
20190719193000July 20, 2019OSC Investor Alert: Convicted Fraudster Neil Suresh Chandran
20190704060000July 4, 2019OSC Investor Alert: RTG Direct Trading Group
20190618093000June 18, 2019OSC Investor Alert: FSM Smart Ltd.
20190528060000May 28, 2019OSC Investor Alert: Convicted Fraudster Weizhen Tang
20190524070000May 24, 2019OSC Investor Alert: United Financial Commodity Group
20190322110000March 22, 2019OSC Investor Alert: WiseBanc
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