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OSC Organizational News Releases 2020

20200625050000June 25, 2020OSC News Release: OSC publishes 2020-2021 Statement of Priorities
20200623080000June 23, 2020OSC News Release: OSC announces new Vice-Chair and Commissioner appointments
20200617070000June 17, 2020OSC News Release: OSC announces leadership of new Office of Economic Growth and Innovation
20200527071500May 27, 2020OSC News Release: OSC updates stakeholders on burden reduction progress
20200507070000May 7, 2020IAP News Release: OSC’s Investor Advisory Panel Releases 2019 Annual Report
20200430060000April 30, 2020OSC News Release: OSC seeks comment on its key priorities
20200427070000April 27, 2020OSC News Release: OSC to host webinar for small businesses on COVID-19 disclosure considerations
20200417090000April 17, 2020OSC News Release: Grant Vingoe assumes new role as Acting OSC Chair and CEO
20200406060000April 6, 2020OSC News Release: OSC awards over half a million to whistleblower
20200401080000April 1, 2020OSC News Release: OSC publishes new Charter of Governance
20200324070000March 24, 2020OSC News Release: Update on OSC operations in response to COVID-19
20200310060000March 10, 2020OSC News Release: OSC announces new members of the Investor Advisory Panel
20200204050000February 4, 2020OSC News Release: OSC Announces New Securities Proceedings Advisory Committee Members
20200121050000January 21, 2020OSC News Release: Ontario Securities Commission Chair and CEO Maureen Jensen to step down
20200109060000January 9, 2020CSA News Release: Canadian securities regulators announce consultation on an access equals delivery model for public companies
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