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This section of the website contains news releases from the OSC on regulatory and enforcement matters, investor protection initiatives, and the OSC’s operations.
20190924061500September 24, 2019OSC News Release: OSC announces Market Structure Advisory Committee members
20190917070000September 17, 2019OSC Investor Alert: Blue Sail Trading
20190912060000September 12, 2019OSC News Release: OSC introduces flexible fee certification process for market participants
20190830090000August 30, 2019OSC News Release: RBC and TD pay more than $24 million for foreign exchange compliance failings
20190828070000August 28, 2019OSC News Release: OSC announces Investment Funds Technical Advisory Committee members
20190821060000August 21, 2019OSC Investor Alert: HB Global
20190819060000August 19, 2019OSC News Releases: OSC behavioural insights study highlights pathways to better fee disclosure
20190808060000August 8, 2019OSC News Release: OSC publishes Summary Report for Dealers, Advisers and Investment Fund Managers
20190729060000July 29, 2019IAP News Release: OSC’s Investor Advisory Panel Releases Survey Findings on How Much Advice Investors Receive
20190725120000July 25, 2019OSC News Release: International trading platforms pay more than $10 million following settlements with OSC
20190725050000July 25, 2019OSC News Release: OSC Panel approves settlement with crypto-asset consulting firm CoinLaunch
20190719193000July 20, 2019OSC Investor Alert: Convicted Fraudster Neil Suresh Chandran
20190704060000July 4, 2019OSC Investor Alert: RTG Direct Trading Group
20190703100000July 3, 2019OSC News Release: Caldwell Investment Management Ltd. to pay $1.8M for violating trade execution rules
20190703060000July 3, 2019OSC News Release: OSC seeks applications for Investor Advisory Panel
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