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This section of the website contains news releases from the OSC on regulatory and enforcement matters, investor protection initiatives, and the OSC’s operations.
20191227070000December 27, 2019Receiver appointed by Ontario Superior Court of Justice: Distribution of proceeds recovered by the OSC to GITC investors
20191218050000December 18, 2019OSC News Release: OSC publishes 2019 Corporate Finance Branch Report
20191211060000December 11, 2019OSC News Release: FSRA and OSC Provide Update on Syndicated Mortgage Investments
20191210050000December 10, 2019OSC News Release: Oliver Folkard sentenced after guilty plea to fraud
20191119040000November 19, 2019OSC News Release: OSC makes doing business easier for Ontario market participants
20191115050000November 15, 2019OSC News Release: OSC seeks applications for the Securities Proceedings Advisory Committee
20191113050000November 13, 2019OSC Media Advisory: Dialogue 2019: Regulation for Confidence and Growth
20191108060000November 8, 2019OSC News Release: OSC appoints Deana Djurdjevic as Chief Administrative Officer, newly created role
20191031060000October 31, 2019OSC News Release: OSC announces Financial Literacy Month activities
20191029113000October 29, 2019OSC News Release: Recidivist Wesley Weber Sentenced after Guilty Plea to Securities Act Offences
20191024060000October 24, 2019OSC News Release: Banned individuals charged with Securities Act Offences
20190924061500September 24, 2019OSC News Release: OSC announces Market Structure Advisory Committee members
20190917070000September 17, 2019OSC Investor Alert: Blue Sail Trading
20190912060000September 12, 2019OSC News Release: OSC introduces flexible fee certification process for market participants
20190830090000August 30, 2019OSC News Release: RBC and TD pay more than $24 million for foreign exchange compliance failings
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