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This section of the website contains OSC news releases and news releases from the Canadian Securities Administrators.
20191227070000December 27, 2019Receiver appointed by Ontario Superior Court of Justice: Distribution of proceeds recovered by the OSC to GITC investors
20191219050000December 19, 2019CSA News Release: Canadian securities regulators move forward with embedded commissions bans
20191218050000December 18, 2019OSC News Release: OSC publishes 2019 Corporate Finance Branch Report
20191212060000December 12, 2019CSA News Release: Canadian securities regulators announce review of framework for self-regulatory organizations
20191211060000December 11, 2019OSC News Release: FSRA and OSC Provide Update on Syndicated Mortgage Investments
20191210050000December 10, 2019OSC News Release: Oliver Folkard sentenced after guilty plea to fraud
20191119040000November 19, 2019OSC News Release: OSC makes doing business easier for Ontario market participants
20191115050000November 15, 2019OSC News Release: OSC seeks applications for the Securities Proceedings Advisory Committee
20191113050000November 13, 2019OSC Media Advisory: Dialogue 2019: Regulation for Confidence and Growth
20191112070000November 12, 2019CSA News Release: Canadian securities regulators sign fintech co-operation agreement with the Monetary Authority of Singapore
20191112060000November 12, 2019CSA News Release: Canadian securities regulators outline corporate governance disclosure expectations for cannabis issuers
20191108060000November 8, 2019OSC News Release: OSC appoints Deana Djurdjevic as Chief Administrative Officer, newly created role
20191031060000October 31, 2019OSC News Release: OSC announces Financial Literacy Month activities
20191029113000October 29, 2019OSC News Release: Recidivist Wesley Weber Sentenced after Guilty Plea to Securities Act Offences
20191024070000October 24, 2019CSA News Release: Canadian Securities Regulators announce review of Automatic Securities Disposition Plans
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