Travel, Meal & Hospitality Expense Information

Expense Report Details
For: Krista Martin Gorelle, General Counsel
Purpose: Inter provincial/governmental regulatory staff meeting
Date(s): October 21, 2014 - October 21, 2014
Fiscal Year Paid: 2014-2015
Destination(s): Toronto, ON
Air Fare: 0.00
Other Transportation: 0.00
Accomodation: 0.00
Meals: 0.00
Travel Incidentals: 0.00
Hospitality: 0.00
Other: 221.40
  Taxes included where applicable
OSC/OPS Attendees: Colin Nickerson, Harvey Naglie, Patrick Rundans, and Robert Dewald, Erin O'Donovan, Michael Balter, Monica Kowal, Victoria Carrier, and Maye Mouftah
Other Attendees: 11