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This section of the website contains news releases from the OSC on regulatory and enforcement matters, investor protection initiatives, and the OSC’s operations.
20121220053000December 20, 2012OSC News Release: OSC Adopts Amendments to Fee Model
20121214060000December 14, 2012OSC News Release: OSC Seeks Comment On Review of Capital-Raising Prospectus Exemptions
20121213050000December 13, 2012OSC News Release: OSC Announces Registrant Advisory Committee Members
20121212071500December 12, 2012OSC Investor Alert: Emerging World Pharma, Inc.
20121204060000December 4, 2012OSC News Release: Press Statement On Regulation Of OTC Derivatives Market
20121203060000December 3, 2012OSC News Release: OSC Alleges Breach of Ontario Securities Act Against Ernst & Young LLP
20121122060000November 22, 2012OSC News Release: OSC Panel Issues Sanctions Against Richvale Resource Corp. and Pasquale Schiavone
20121109050000November 9, 2012OSC News Release: OSC Publishes Guide for Issuers Operating in Emerging Markets and provides update on Emerging Markets Review Recommendations
20121107050000November 7, 2012OSC News Release: OSC Announces New Members to its Executive Management Team
20121102070000November 2, 2012OSC News Release: OSC Announces New Members of Investor Advisory Panel
20121015080000October 15, 2012OSC Investor Alert: China International Capital Group
20120928103000September 28, 2012OSC News Release: OSC Panel Releases Decision regarding Gordon Driver, Steven M. Taylor, Reynold Mainse, Axcess Automation LLC and others related to Breaches of the Ontario Securities Act
20120928090000September 28, 2012OSC Investor Alert: Titan Resources International Corporation
20120927100000September 27, 2012OSC News Release: OSC Panel Issues Sanctions Against Marlon Gary Hibbert, Ashanti Corporate Services Inc., Dominion International Resource Management Inc., Kabash Resource Management and Power To Create Wealth Inc.
20120926070000September 26, 2012OSC News Release: OSC Requests members for the new Registrant Advisory Committee
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