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OSC Phone Directory

General Inquiries

416-593-8314 (Toronto)
1-877-785-1555 (toll-free North America)

The format for our e-mail addresses is jsmith@osc.gov.on.ca.


Chair and CEO Maureen Jensen’s office 416-593-8201
Executive Director and CAO Leslie Byberg's office 416-593-8204
Vice-Chair Tim Moseley’s office 416-593-2346
Vice-Chair D. Grant Vingoe’s office 416-593-8327

Compliance and Registrant Regulation

Debra Foubert Director 416-593-8101
Marrianne Bridge Deputy Director 416-595-8907
Elizabeth King Deputy Director 416-204-8951
Pat Chaukos Manager 416-593-2373
Felicia Tedesco Manager 416-593-8273
Lisa Bonato Manager 416-593-2188
Louise Brinkmann Manager 416-596-4263

Corporate Finance

Huston Loke Director 416-593-8254
Sonny Randhawa Deputy Director 416-204-4959
Jo-Anne Matear Manager 416-593-2323
Winnie Sanjoto Manager 416-593-8119

Office of Mergers and Acquisitions

Naizam Kanji Director 416-593-8060


Kevin Fine Director 416-593-8109


Jeff Kehoe Director 416-593-2371
Johanna Superina Deputy Director 416-593-8210
Vince La Marca Manager 416-263-3793

Investment Funds and Structured Products

John Mountain Director 416-593-3660
Vera Nunes Manager 416-593-2311
Raymond Chan Manager 416-593-8128
Darren McKall Manager 416-593-8118

Market Regulation

Susan Greenglass Director 416-593-8140
Tracey Stern Manager 416-593-8167
Joseph Della Manna Manager 416-204-8984
Aaron Ferguson Manager 416-593-3676

General Counsel’s Office

Jim Sinclair General Counsel 416-263-3870

Office of the Chief Accountant

Cameron McInnis Chief Accountant 416-593-3675
Mark Pinch Associate Chief Accountant 416-593-8057

Office of Domestic and International Affairs

Jean-Paul Bureaud Director 416-593-8131

The Investor Office

Tyler Fleming Director 416-593-8092
Denise Morris Manager 416-595-8785
Raj Balasubramanian Manager 416-593-8066
Investor Views InvestorOffice@osc.gov.on.ca

Office of the Secretary to the Commission

Grace Knakowski Secretary 416-596-4252
Christos Grivas Legal Counsel, Corporate Governance 416-204-8976
Daisy Aranha Senior Hearings Registrar 416-595-8916
Teresa Kuo Assistant Hearings Registrar 416-595-8780

Communications and Public Affairs

Carolyn Shaw-Rimmington Director 416-593-2361
Perry Quinton Manager, Communications 416-593-3867
Kristen Rose Manager, Public Affairs 416-593-2336
Media Inquiries media_inquiries@osc.gov.on.ca
Website Inquiries webmaster@osc.gov.on.ca

Corporate Services

H.R. Goss Director 416-593-8073
Russell White Chief Information Officer 416-593-8280
Roy Saldanha Manager, Technology Services 416-593-8153
Byron Too Manager, Regulatory Systems 416-593-8197
Marlene Diamond Manager, Records and Information 416-593-8135
Records Requests 416-593-3735
Laura Knapp Manager, Knowledge Services 416-593-2303
Lizanne Murphy Manager, Administration 416-595-8911
Procurement 416-593-2153
Office Services/Mail/Facilities 416-593-8182
Security/Health & Wellness 416-593-8160
Dan Brazier Interim Controller 416-593-8069
Accounts Payable (A-K) 416-593-8186
Accounts Payable (L-Z) 416-593-8056
Accounts Receivable 416-593-2335

Human Resources

Lisa Wilkins Chief Human Resources Officer 416-593-2365
Kate Allingham Manager, Human Resources Program & Services 416-593-8223
Kim Buote Lead, Talent Management 416-593-3656
Anne Shields Senior Human Resources Business Partner 416-593-8187
Patricia Tom Senior Human Resources Business Partner 416-593-8121
Beth Tulloch Senior Human Resources Business Partner 416-593-8262

Strategy and Operations

Elle Koor Director, Strategy and Research 416-593-8077
Paul Redman Chief Economist and Head of Research 416-593-2396
Tyler Bush Manager, Inquiries and Contact Centre 416-593-8130
Robert Day Senior Specialist 416-593-8179
James Wilson Assistant Manager, Inquiries and Contact Centre 416-593-8096
David Fountain Chief Information Officer, CSA IT Systems Project Office 416-593-8165

Internal Audit

Krystyna Kott Chief Internal Auditor 416-593-8208